Friday, October 19, 2012

WWE Roundtable About African-Americans in Wrestling!

I happened to find this video on YouTube.  If you notice, the first post on this blog was my interview with legendary wrestler Claude "Thunderbolt" Patterson.  That was by design because I really felt that his contributions as an African-American wrestler were legendary and needed to be noted.

Recently, I came across a wonderful roundtable discussion that the WWE did about the role of African-Americans in the wrestling business and I was interested to learn that Patterson wasn't the most appreciated black wrestler in this business -- and that includes by other black wrestlers and performers.

That was just one of the many things that learned watching this EXCELLENT roundtable discussion that is part of the WWE's "Legends of Wrestling" series.  It first aired during Black History month and was called simply "Soul."  The moderator is Jim Ross and the guests are "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, Teddy Long and Cowboy Bill Watts.

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