Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tully and the 'Perfect 10!'

One of the great wrestler-valet combinations in pro wrestling was Tully Blanchard and his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll (also known as Nickla Roberts). It was a great pairing of two great-looking Texans. I've been following Blanchard since his days in his father Joe Blanchard's Southwest Championship Wrestling territory. Tully made a great team with the late Gino Hernandez. Their feud after the team broke up was memorable.

Ironically, Roberts (who also came from a wrestling family) had a connection to Hernandez in the World Class territory. She was "Nickla the Lady Giant" and served as Hernandez's valet.

Tully and Baby Doll got together in the Mid-Atlantic territory right before Blanchard became part of the infamous "Four Horsemen." It was a magical pairing. Seeing them together again was memorable. I've kept in touch with Baby Doll through Facebook and she is STILL a Perfect 10 in my book!

Here is a classic interview with Tully Blanchard and his Perfect 10, Baby Doll:

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